Bomb it 2

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Bomb it 2 Game

Bomb it 2 is an exciting top down puzzler that pits you against 1-3 other players in a fast paced, explosion fueled frenzy. A throw back to the old Super NES Bomberman games that delivers even more fun than the original.

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This is a fun little maze game that traps you and up to three other players on a stage filled with destructable objects and power ups. It is an homage to the classic Boberman games that delivers far more than the original.

You control one of four different robots in four different bomb it 7 game modes. In Arcade mode you simply attempt to trap one of your opponents between an indestructible object and one of your cleverly laid bombs. Weapons only has you chase down your enemies and kill them using specialized weapons such as a hammer, proximity mine, laser gun, or rocket launcher. In collect the coins it’s a mad dash to be the first person to collect 5 coins. The last mode, Color the Tiles, you cover every space you touch with your designated color. When you pass over a space that one of your opponents has already colored you steal the space from them. Each bomb it game offers its own unique experience and all of them are extremely enjoyable.

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It immediately grabs your attention with is bright and colorful level design as well as its catchy music playing in the background. Just about everything in bomb it 5 game is a step up from the material it draws inspiration from. The power-ups are a joy to play around with and experiment with and the levels are have built-in a way that will test your skill.

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The only downside is that it your character moves rather slowly without the aid of a speed boost power-up and you are more likely to run into a wall than turn past it if you press the arrow key even a moment to soon. Bomb it 2 is the perfect game to play for just a few minutes or to waste away countless hours perfecting.