Bomb it 3

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Bomb It 3 Game

Gamers will find playing Bomb it 3 is like a trip down memory lane. In fact, older gamers are going to find Bomb it 3 is a lot like the old Nintendo games from the 1980’s. Flashy graphics with fast moving actions and cheesy yet entertaining 1980’s TV action show music in the background. Playing this game is a lot like standing in front of the console at the arcade, all that is missing is the sound of air hockey and some player constantly bumping into you from the next game over.

Bomb it 3 Game Controls

The objective of Bomb it 3 is to either out bomb it games, out gun, out race or out water-spray your opponent. This game has four different types of games to play: arcade, battle royale, water mania, and race. By far the most fun is water mania, where else can players spray water into sheep and knock them into a hole of oblivion? The game supports 1 to 2 players, and it can be customized with 1-3 enemies, up to 15 levels, 4 arenas, and three levels of difficulty. Movement is controlled with the directional arrow keys or the AWSD keys.

Controls Bomb It 2 Game

Games go pretty fast and players need to be constantly aware of not only the bombs their opponents plant but also aware of their own bombs. Many is the player who has planted a bomb, moved away, and then walked right back into it to avoid an opponent’s bomb. Very frustrating.

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The hallmark of a good game is if people feel like playing it again after the first time. This game definitely meets that standard. With intuitive controls, fast action, fun game play and lots of power ups this game is definitely one that players are going to keep playing. You must try bomb it 4 and all other versions 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8,