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Bomb It 7 Game

Bomb It 7 is the seventh installment to the original classic game bomb it. The original came out and people went crazy for it. In each new installment the more the game has a chance to improve. Things that you will notice while playing is the arenas and weapons are different. And the characters are better set up as you can change their appearance.
When starting a new game you will be asked to select a mode. There are several different games in Bomb it 7 that the mission requirements ask you to do different tasks.

Regardless of which mode you choose it will be full of action packed fun. When in doubt choose the first one to get started, that is the arcade mode. This is where you can decide if you want to play just one player or two, and gives you a select number of enemies to kill as you go through random arenas.
There are different game modes that allow you to play for other goals then just killing enemies. Like the new Pac Man were you go through and collect one hundred coins.

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Or you may enjoy the other one given, which is Star collector were you have a certain number of stars to collect. The last one is called Ice Man were you have to freeze up to ten monsters. Otherwise you have just the arcade were you bomb and kill all enemies, or battle royale were you have to destroy ten enemies.
The arenas or mazes look to be more advanced than the previous installments. It gives you a new look for every level you advance. They all have blocks and turns to get through. What is super cool is most bombs you throw you get to pick a certain power up. It certainly helps as you try and get closer to your follow enemies in the arena.
The power ups have greatly improved from bomb to bomb blast. Your speed can get enhanced up to ten percent faster than normal.

As your going through the maze you will come across life hearts. You can come equipped with a shield to protect you from enemy bombs. And then there is the best power up to help you through the levels and that is invincibility. same is in another versions like bomb it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
The weapons seem to vary depending on what the background arena is.

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You always start out with the standard bombs of course. But once you blow up a few parts you will start to pick up other random weapons. Such as flame throwers these are nice to plow through more of the maze. Lighting guns are helpful to strike up and hopefully knock out a few of your enemies at the same time. The hammers give you two chances to use before it disappears.
There is an electric gun that will shoot if picked up. However going through the levels I have only see it once. The ice gun simply freezes everything in its path.

The Thor hammer is just another hammer that can be used that bigger and hits items better. These weapons make the game so much fun as you’re playing. It nice to have so many options to choose from and it certainly will help you along the way.
Another feature in Bomb It 7 is you can have the use of transportation as your playing. Some arenas have a horse that will allow you to set your bombs and jump over several rows to avoid it. There is also a skate board that you can ride on and is slightly faster then while walking. I have seen an enemy use a cart that was pretty interesting and that actually made it harder for me to reach them. And there is what is believed to be a dog or pet like animal that you can ride on as well.

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Overall, Bomb it 7 is probably one of the coolest and more fun game than the others in the series.

The arenas are jammed pack full of obstacles and various things to pick up as you play. This explosive game is defiantly for more advanced. The characters look better now than they did in the previous ones. It is defiantly a game that is worth playing if you like the adventure and bombing enemies, this is the right game for you.